The Iron Yard Assignment:  Good Reads Redesign

The Iron Yard Assignment: Good Reads Redesign


Founded in 2007 by Otis Chandler with the idea of being able to share your book recommendations with your friends, as well as get ideas on what books to read next. is one of the largest reading reviews platforms available. The website is based on users creating reading lists, and reviewing books they read. Each book come with it’s own product pages where users can read a brief of the book, add to their wish list, read reviews, and purchase the book via several links of outside sources.


For this study, I gathered the thoughts of three teenage female avid readers, and, here are some thoughts I gathered:


The current strengths of this website are:

  • Online based.

  • Accessible to anyone.

  • Speedy loads.

  • No age, theme, demographic target.


  • Outdated look.

  • Busy layout.

  • No direct sales options.

  • Difficult to understand the concept.

  • Too many ads.

  • Doesn't make sense.

  • More relevant information needed.


  • Cleaner site revamp.

  • Direct book sales, and exchanges.

  • Communities

  • Better sorting and filtering system.

  • Improve the personal pages.


  • Barnes & Noble and the B&B website has a platform that has some important similarities {reviews, information, recommendations} but it's lacking the goodreads’ social media aspect, although it lacks this very important feature, the B&N is a site that looks more "together" and makes "more sense" than

Target audience:

The target audience of is pretty wide, the people that come to mind are students, travelers, children, eco-oriented customers who do not wish to purchase paper books, and anyone interested in reading about any subject available.

Objectives:'s objective is to help spread the word on various books, to assist those with limited access to book promotions, and to anyone interested in continuing reading about most subjects. A website revamp would improve:

  • Thumbnail list of books vs grid, for a more organized visual.

  • Improvement on the thumbnail size for preventing image distortion.

  • Sorting options.

  • Filtering options.

  • A more comprehensive search option {by subject, author, year, theme and "similar".

  • Organization of the wishlist by collection.

  • Ability to purchase the books on the site.


  • Website style overhaul.

  • Organization of the titles.

  • E-commerce integration

  • About Me page revamp.