Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Right Comply specializes in hiring compliance with a motto - 'Get Compliant, Stay Compliant'. Their goal is to ensure complete transparency throughout and between various factors of the hiring life cycle, resulting in pre-hiring and post-hiring compliance.
Companies face several challenges today - maxed budgets, project delivery delays, misrepresented workers, proxy interviews, shortage of resources and unending number of agencies to name a few. The Right Comply framework addresses these issues by bringing pre-hiring and post-hiring compliance to the companies via a simple, intuitive application built with the best of artificial intelligence and adaptive machine learning technologies. 
This project was a collaboration with another Designer - Sanchith Kuttappa. It involves a Rebranding, Redesign and Content Strategy of the current Right Comply website, and prototyping in HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Rebrand and Redesign the current Right Comply website. Information architecture and strategy for the entire site. Asset curation. Mockups in Sketch. Prototype in HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Sketch, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript.



We provided our client with different color options, the "Eggplant" color scheme was very popular {and our favorite}. 
The new website consists of a video background with a purple overlay, followed by a word cloud, previews of the solution platform, icons, a short story and a way to contact Right Comply's team.