The Iron Yard Assignment:  Branchless Bank

The Iron Yard Assignment: Branchless Bank

branchless bank app prototype

Have fun following the prompts of issuing a mobile-deposit on this app while checking out the UI design, UX research and fun illustrations I created.

Tools used: 
Photoshop | Illustrator | Invision App |

Methodologies used: 
Agile | SWOT Analysis |

Sketches | Wireframes |

Want to see more? Check out the Github repository here and read about my experience, UI development, Wireframes, sketches, and notes on this blog post.



Branchless Bank is a theoretical bank for busy people who prefer to do all of their banking from their phone. Offering benefits like online banking, simplicity while traveling, affordable fees and free features, the Branchless Bank App provides all of the benefits that most people need in their busy lives.


My work began with developing the strategy, goals and milestones of the project. I defined an app architecture and user flow that’s simple to navigate and goal oriented. Focusing one user persona, and various test groups, I created a journey that covered the user goal for an MVP: E-Deposit.

User Flows

User Flows



For this app I really wanted to mix "serious" with "fun", this is why I selected colors like grays/charcoal with light blue and tangerine. I also thought that the contrast of colors would give a better usability for some clients. 

I also selected two fonts that I thought worked well with each other: San Francisco which is widely used in Apple products, and, Pacifico because it gives the app a fun and casual feel.