Divi Links

This Wordpress hosted website was launched a few months before I joined the company. It was meant to be an e-commerce that was never finished. After discussing the needs with the clients at the Aruba Divi Links Golf Course, it was evident that an e-commerce for this client was not the best approach as they are not located in the US and they do not keep an online inventory.

Another challenge I found was the amount of styles and buttons that existed, we needed to create UI patterns to ensure that customers could easily browse through the website.


What I discovered through the research and discovery process was that Divi Links had signed up for an online reservations system that was underutilized. There used to be a link that would navigate customers to a third-party, and, once they got there, they could not log in nor pay.

After resolving the login issue for clients with Divi Links, we created a new reservations page, and through the magic of Iframe added the reservation system to the website. The great thing about having this online now is that customers can make reservations worldwide, even before their Aruba trips!


Other fun pages I created for the Divi Links website were the Rates page, that assist customers in not only understanding pricing but also lists services. And the Golf Packages page, which also links to the Divi Resorts Reservations page to make the vacation reservation quick and easy.