When WeaveUp was launched, there was only one B2B client, and a few consumer clients. The Admin interface was used to manage basic information like customers, order information, design information, design curation, and a little bit of accounting.


As the company grew, and the B2B client list became larger, the need for B2B clients to manage things within the Admin interface grew. For security reasons, this was impossible to accommodate under the existing Admin interface. The need for permissions, groups, and a new interface was born.



As the lead UX/UI Designer for this project, I met with clients in person and virtually to understand their pain points, and their needs.

Things that did not surprise me: Everyone needed access to client information, design information, including history, and order information.

Things that surprised me: Most of our clients had a different understanding of what our design curation process was, even after requesting access to being able to do this. The WeaveUp curation system was created so that the curator could inspect the quality of the design that was being uploaded and provide it a score, ensure that the design is described properly, and place the design in the appropriate category in the website. Clients understood that curation was actually a way to move designs around within their clients. Which meant that a new process had to be created, or, we could take advantage of the current design management process and improve the tools that this already had.


By collaborating with WeaveUp’s management team, development, and some of our clients, we developed a brand new Admin interface we call Houston.

The idea is that, depending on what your permissions are as a user, you have visibility to certain information in the database. The best way to accommodate that was creating containers that would fill the screen.

For MVP, we created the Design Portal, which is the area where the client will be able to manage designs, and permissions for those designs. We created Personas,



We remanufactured client levels by organizing them in various groups, a WeaveUp admin would have access to all information, a Client admin would have access to their group. The Admin interface would then " {display:none} “ containers based on what kind of user you are.